Free & Clear Fragrance-Free Hairspray review
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Free & Clear Fragrance-Free Hairspray Review (Updated 2023) – Read Before Buying

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Free & Clear Fragrance-Free Hairspray Review

The Free & Clear Fragrance-Free hairspray from Vanicream promises a firm hold styling and a long-lasting, natural-looking hold. The styling spray is fragrance-free and without masking fragrance and contains no alcohol, dye, or aerosol. So that’s a great start.

It also doesn’t contain lanolin (a waxy substance from sheep’s wool), parabens (preservatives), or formaldehyde (a chemical that has been linked to certain types of cancers). The formula is therefore suitable for all hair types and a good choice as an everyday hairspray.

I have been using the Free & Clear Fragrance-Free Hairspray for the past few years, and it has become my go-to. However, those who are used to traditional hairsprays from the 1980s and 1990s (think Fran Fine from the TV show “The Nanny”) may find it difficult to adjust to this one.

It is a soft-hold hairspray and I would not recommend it for a hairstyle or a complicated updo that needs a firm hold. But it holds well without leaving sticky residue or stiffness. Furthermore, this formula is lightweight and does not weigh down the hair.

So while the Free & Clear Fragrance-Free hairspray is an excellent choice based on its allergy-friendliness and hold – it is not for those looking for a very strong hold.

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