Top 5 Best Fragrance-Free Products for Men in 2021
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Top 5 Best Fragrance-Free Products for Men in 2021

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Opting for fragrance-free products is a great choice whether you’re sensitive to fragrance or you just want to avoid unnecessary substances in products applied to your skin. But, unfortunately, truly fragrance-free products can be hard to come. One key reason is that manufacturers and marketers are allowed to use terms such as “fragrance-free” and “unscented” freely. And that complicates matters for consumers. (Tip: the two terms aren’t interchangeable.)

Luckily, that’s where we can help. We’ve done our research, tested numerous fragrance-free products for men, and have rounded up the top 5 best fragrance-free products for men in 2021.

But first, let’s get you up to speed on fragrance-free products. If you want to learn more, we recommend reading our guide to fragrance-free living and our reviews of fragrance-free products.

  • What is fragrance:
    “Fragrance” might look like one ingredient on the label, but it’s actually a combination of many chemicals. A single perfumed product may contain anywhere from 50 to 300 distinct chemicals. And while some of these can be toxic and harmful to some, consumers have no way of knowing which and how many their products contain.
  • Are fragrance-free products better?
    Yes! Fragrance-free products do not contain perfume, which makes them better for sensitive skin. On top of that, fragrance-free products don’t cause contact dermatitis (a condition that appears as a red and itchy rash), or other allergic reactions like headaches, migraines, or asthma. Even if you are not allergic to perfume, limiting exposure to fragrances will decrease the risk that you later develop perfume allergies.
  • Is there a difference between men’s and women’s skincare products?
    Men’s and women’s skin differ in some ways. Men’s skin, for example, is thicker and oilier than women’s skin (because testosterone causes increased oil production.) And men’s skin, naturally, requires particular care in the beard area, as shaving can irritate the skin and leave the area sensitive to ingrown hairs (also known as razor bumps.) But in the end, gender doesn’t affect your skin needs, so look for products that address your specific skin concerns.

More questions? Search our frequently asked questions about fragrance-free products here, or reach out if you can’t find it.

As a company dedicated to helping people live life fragrance-free, we test numerous products. And we personally test every product ourselves. Our male staff has been busy compiling the very best to give you the top 5 best fragrance-free products for men in 2021 in each category.

If you’re changing your life to be fragrance-free, consider the ultimate fragrance-free starter pack below for men.

Top 5 Best Fragrance-Free Products For Men

Best Fragrance-Free Moisturizer: Clinique for Men Moisturizing Lotion

Clinique for Men Moisturizing Lotion Review

Our rating:

Clinique is all about serving people with sensitive skin by avoiding fragrances, oils, scents, or any potential and unnecessary irritants. Clinique’s moisturizing lotion for men is great for normal and dry skin, and it moisturizes well and absorbs quickly, leaving the skin hydrated. And even better, it doesn’t clog the pores – because who has the time to deal with adult acne, right.

The 3.4 oz may cost more than your average drugstore lotion, but it’ll last longer, improve your skin while avoiding exposure to fragrances. This is our male staff members’ daily lotion and comes highly recommended. Clinique’s moisturizing lotion for men easily makes our list of the top 5 best fragrance-free products for men in 2021.

Clinique3.4 oz / 100ml$32.00
Sephora3.4 oz / 100ml$32.00
Ulta Beauty3.4 oz / 100ml$32.00
Macy’s3.4 oz / 100ml$32.00

Best Fragrance-Free Body-Face & Post Shave Lotion: Lubriderm Men’s 3-In-1 Lotion

Lubriderm Men's 3-In-1 Lotion Review

Our rating:

This fragrance-free lotion from Lubriderm is a 3-in-1 lotion that can be used for the body, face, and post-shave lotion. It is enriched with aloe, which makes it great for soothing dry, irritated skin – and it comes at a great price which makes it a no-brainer choice.

We recommend Clinique’s Moisturizing Lotion for your face and Lubriderm Men’s 3-In-1 Lotion for everything else. And without a doubt belongs on the list of the top 5 best fragrance-free products for men.

Amazon16oz / 473ml$7.66
Walmart16oz / 473ml$7.66
Walgreens16oz / 473ml$8.49

Best Fragrance-Free Deodorant: Clinique for Men

Clinique for Men Deoderant Review

Our rating:

This antiperspirant-deodorant stick from Clinique is fragrance-free and doesn’t contain any unnecessary oils and scents. It is very effective at preventing sweat and odor and will keep you feeling fresh all day long without leaving any residue or stains that’ll ruin your shirts. However, beware that it contains aluminum which may cause irritation. That said, since it doesn’t contain fragrances, it’s better for the skin, unlike many of its fragranced competitors. Therefore, the Clinique for Men Fragrance-Free Deodorant joins our list of the top 5 best fragrance-free products for men in 2021.

Are you worried that deodorants won’t work without perfume? Then read our guide to fragrance-free deodorants and learn why you can rest assured that fragrance-free deodorants work perfectly without unnecessary perfumes.


Best Fragrance-Free Body Lotion: Lubriderm Daily Moisture

Lubiderm Daily Moisture Review

Our rating:

Lubriderm’s fragrance-free formula is a light everyday formula loaded with vitamin B5 to moisturize your skin without feeling heavy or greasy. Since it’s lightweight, it absorbs quickly. Still, it somehow manages to be moisturizing enough, even for dry skin. It comes in a convenient pump bottle and is great value for money. It works equally well for men and women (our skin really is not that different), and that’s why we award the Lubriderm Daily Moisture fragrance-free lotion a spot on our list of the top 5 best fragrance-free products for men.

You can pick it up in any drugstore or easily find it online (see below).


Best Fragrance-Free Shower Gel: Vanicream Gentle Body Wash

Vanicream Gentle Body Wash Review

Our rating:

The final product to make it onto the list of the top 5 best fragrance-free products for men is Vanicream’s fragrance-free body wash. Completely fragrance-free and soap-free, this shower gel is gentle enough to use daily. It has even been awarded the seal of approval from the National Eczema Association. In addition, it doesn’t contain any irritants and is free of all the nasties you don’t want in a body wash, such as dyes, parabens, lanolin, formaldehyde.

It’s not specifically produced for men, but there is no reason why it should, and this is an excellent and not least very affordable and effective body wash – without fragrance.

Walgreens12oz / 355ml$11.29
Amazon12oz / 355ml$12.99
CVS12oz / 355ml$12.99
Walmart12oz / 355ml$16.72

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