The Best Fragrance-Free Beauty Gift Sets (2023)

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Whether you’re looking for a little self-care or looking to surprise a friend or family member with the perfect fragrance-free beauty gift set, we’ve got you covered. We know how stressful it can be to find great gifts — and not to mention exhausting to find great, fragrance-free products.

Editor’s tip: read product labels carefully and always go for fragrance-free as opposed to unscented.

At WithoutFragrance, we are always researching and testing new fragrance-free products. And to help you out, we have rounded up the best fragrance-free beauty gift sets in 2023 – perfect for Christmas, the holidays, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or whatever occasion you may be celebrating. This year, you can make it fragrance-free!

All products are of course fragrance-free, so you can’t rest assured that products won’t upset sensitive skin, give you the sniffles, or worse, lead to the onset of perfume allergy (if you don’t already have it).

So, keep reading for our favorite fragrance-free beauty gift sets in 2023.

Just remember to shop early so you avoid any delays and make sure you receive the gift in time!

TIP: Want to learn more about how to avoid fragranced products? Read our newbies guide on how to live life without fragrance.

Our list of the Best Fragrance-Free Beauty Gift Sets in 2023

The Best Fragrance-Free Beauty Gift Sets  
Clinique Skincare Set For Drier Skin

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Clinique Fragrance-Free Skincare Set For Drier Skin

We are big fans of Clinique and think it’s one of the best fragrance-free skincare brands. So it’s a no-brainer to include this Clinique fragrance-free skincare set in our list of 2023 fragrance-free beauty gift sets.

The Clinique fragrance-free skincare set for very dry to dry skin is the perfect introduction to Clinique’s legendary 3-step skincare program.

It contains Clinique’s three signature steps for glowing skin: a liquid facial soap to wash off the day, a clarifying lotion to remove dirt and dulling flakes, and of course, the iconic moisturizing lotion. The set contains both a full-size set and a travel-sized set.

The Best Fragrance-Free Beauty Gift Sets  
Paula's Choice Essential Kit

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Paula’s Choice Fragrance-Free Essential Kit

Paula’s Choice is a very well-known fragrance-free beauty brand, recognized for their cruelty-free and fragrance-free (note that their products do contain some leaf and flower extracts.)

This versatile four-piece set from Paula’s Choice is worth the splurge. This kit is tailored for normal to dry skin and provides everything needed to combat dryness, improve skin tone, and target wrinkles and fine lines.

The set includes a cleanser, moisturizer, smoothing treatment, and a restoring moisturizer. It also comes in a travel set, which is a great way to assess the brand if you have not tried it before. Both are excellent choices as a fragrance-free beauty gift set in 2023.

The Best Fragrance-Free Beauty Gift Sets  
Clinique Must-Have Makeup Set

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Clinique Must-Have Makeup Set

Clinique’s Must-Have Makeup Set is a treat for the beauty lover. And it’s fragrance-free!

The set includes four must-have essentials: lipstick in black honey, a highlighter, mascara, and liquid eyeliner. With this four-piece makeup set from Clinique, you will be guaranteed to brighten someone’s day. It’s reasonably priced too making this a perfect fragrance-free beauty gift set.

Clinique Fragrance-Free Moisture Surge Megastars Gift Set

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Clinique Fragrance-Free Moisture Surge Megastars Gift Set

The Clinique Moisture Surge Megastars gift set is for all skin types and is perfect for anyone who needs a bit of fragrance-free hydration.

This hydrating set of four contains everything you need for dry skin: a full-size moisture surge cream, and three smaller-sized products: a hydrating overnight mask, lip hydro-plump treatment, and an eye concentrate.

This is an excellent fragrance-free beauty gift set that contains some of the best fragrance-free products from Clinique.

Honest Fragrance-Free Complete Bathtime Kit

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Honest Fragrance-Free Complete Bathtime Kit

The Honest Fragrance-Free Purely Sensitive Bath Collection is a versatile bathtime kit from Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company. It’s particularly formulated to calm and soothe sensitive skin, is great for warm baths, and a perfect gift for the colder season.

The fragrance-free bath kit is vegan and made without parabens and phthalates. The set includes a body wash + shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, and face + body lotion. Basically, everything you need for a complete bathtime routine. That’s why is a fantastic choice as a fragrance-free beauty gift set in 2023.

Note: some products may contain some natural ingredients that could upset ultra-sensitive skin.


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